I’m running for
small businesses
and local control
in northern Arizona.


My family has lived in Northern Arizona for four generations. My grandfather came from Louisiana so he could make 3 cents more an hour at a sawmill here. I still live here with my daughter in the house he built.

I first ran for office to help save a much loved community center. The effort was successful, and for over a decade, I’ve had the great pleasure of public service.

I’ve seen people come together to support each other, to support our schools, churches, and institutions, and to create home-grown solutions to local issues. Together, we brought a Veteran’s Home to Flagstaff, helped incubate small businesses, funded after school care, and expanded library hours.

I’ve also seen seen Arizona education fall to 49th place. I’ve seen small business owners fight giant obstacles to bring their dreams to fruition. I’ve seen the Arizona Legislature pass legislation that prevents communities from solving their own problems.

This is why I’m running for the Arizona State House. Our families deserve quality schools. Our small businesses need support to help them thrive and grow. Our cities and towns need the freedom to make their own decisions. 

Together we can preserve the spirit and character of rural Arizona—because we, too, are Arizona!